Company profile

Haikui is an established international seafood company. We operate a streamlined supply chain including own processing plants in China, an in-house product R&D department as well as warehousing facilities, while at the same time closely co-operating with raw seafood suppliers upstream. Haikui generates more than 90 per cent of its sales outside of China. We deliver white label products to customers abroad and serve the Chinese domestic market mainly under our ownbrand Haikui. The company was founded in 1993 under the name Fujian Dongshan Haikui Aquatic Products Co., Ltd.

Haikui sells seafood that has undergone primary processing, such as cleaning, cutting and peeling, as well as seafood that has undergone further processing, such as cooking, grilling, seasoning, drying and/ or coating. Our product portfolio consists of more than 100 different products of frozen and canned seafood. These products are made from a broad range of fresh seafood, including prawn and crab as well as from various types of fish, shellfish and cephalopods.

Photo: Company headquarter

Haikui has more than 80 suppliers of raw seafood, including both aquaculture farms and operators of fishing vessels. With more than 60 of these Haikui has entered into supply framework agreements. These framework agreements provide us with a strong sourcing base, giving us priority rights regarding the purchase of the raw seafood and the ability to purchase at a discount to prevailing market prices.

Our processing facilities are located in Dongshan Island, Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, PRC and currently have an aggregate annual output processing capacity of more than 34,000 tonnes per year.

Haikui's customers are distributors, including large processing companies, based in the PRC and overseas, whereby most of the overseas customers are based in Asia, Europe and the United States.