Frozen products

Frozen Seafood is the main product category offered by Haikui, currently accounting for around 88% of our total sales.

The raw materials used to produce frozen seafood comprise fish,  
crabs, prawns, and others like shellfish and cephalopods. Depending on the product, it may contain other additive ingredients, mainly spices.

Our frozen seafood has undergone primary processing such as cleaning, cutting, and peeling. If sold as higher value processed seafood, it has undergone further processing steps such as cooking, grilling, seasoning, drying, coating, etc.

Our frozen products range includes:





Shelled crab meat

Shelled prawn meat

Sliced fish meat

Dried cuttlefish/ squid

Cut crab

Partially-shelled prawn

Fish fillet

Seafood rolls

Whole crab

Whole prawn

Fish paste

Breaded squid rings

Crab cake

Dried prawn

Fish balls

Sliced octopus/ squid

Stuffed Crab

Prawn ball

Fish noodle

Squid fillet

Pasteurised crab

Breaded prawn

Fish cake

Whole octopus/ squid

Shrimp rolls

Breaded fish fillet

Breaded oyster

Dried fish meat

Mussel, oyster, scallop and clam meat

Whole fish

Cuttlefish balls

Grilled eel

Grilled seafood


Foto: Frozen Fishes

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