Vision & strategy

Photo: Chen Zhenkui
Chen Zhenkui, CEO
"We aim at being an integrated seafood supplier, delivering value and quality products to meet the seafood consumption boom in China and all over the world."

Strategic cornerstones

  • Expanding our distribution network and further strengthen our market presence in the PRC and overseas
  • Enhance our brand image and recognition via, among others, the roll-out of Haikui flagship stores
  • Increase our production and processing capacity
  • Expansion of our supply base by contracting new suppliers and intensifying cooperation with existing suppliers
  • Expansion of our product range
  • Continuing to emphasize research and product development and strengthening our expertise and technical know-how

All these activities culminate in our strategic goal to further strengthen Haikui's market position in the Chinese and international markets for processed and packaged seafood, as well as as producer of brand-name products.